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Umbrella Insurance

Provides excess liability above the limits of your basic auto & Homeowners insurance

Is a valuable  addition for extended  personal liability protection for your assets 

A Personal Umbrella Policy Insurance may cover

Injury to other people

Damage to other people's property

Certain Lawsuits

What isn't covered by umbrella insurance?

Business Losses

Personal Belongins

Contract disputes

Criminal o Intentional Acts

Umbrella Insurance

Who needs Umbrella Insurance?

It’s for everyone!

Provide additional insurance when a lawsuit brought over injuries or property damage exceeds the claims on your home insurance, car insurance, boat insurance and so forth.

If you are a Homeowner

If you have a motorcycle

If you have a RV

If you drive a car

Friends or family members
occasionally borrow your car

If you are a Condo owner

If you are a Renter

If you have a boat

You invite guests to your home

If you have young drivers
on your auto policy

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Condo insurance helps to protect you and your possessions. How much condo insurance do you need? At Atlantic Insurors, we’re happy to help you figure this out

Valuables & collectibles

Provides comprehensive coverage that may not be covered by your homeowners or renter insurance policy


Renters insurance protects your belongings and your living conditions from the potential costs of damage. Landlords buy insurance to protect themselves – not you.

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