Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life has it's own
time table

Take care of what matters most. It’s about what your family needs if you aren’t there.

Who needs life insurance?

Most People.

Life insurance helps you plan long-term financial security for those who depend on you if you passed.

– Parents  If you own life insurance at the time you pass, it can help ensure your children will have financial support to grow and live the life you want for them.

– Married couples: Make sure the person you share your life with would be taken care of if you passed unexpectedly.

– Homeowners: A mortgage will probably be the largest debt you ever take on, and you wouldn’t want to leave your cosigner or family members stuck with it

– Students: If you have a private student loan, your parents, cosigners, or other family members could be on the hook for your debt if you pass away.

– Caretakers:  If you have a family member with a disability or an elderly parent that depends on you.

– Business Owners: Life insurance coverage can help ensure that your business could continue operating if something happened to you.

Ensure your children
Financial Support
Married Couples
To take care of your love ones
if you passed unexpectedly
Don't leave your family
stuck with a mortgage.
What would happen to them if you weren't around?
Your family members could be on the hook for your private student loan if you passed away
Business Owners
Help to ensure the continuity of the operations
if you passed

How to choose the right life Insurance coverage?

Life Insurance Atlantic

Term Life Insurance

Term coverage last for a predetermined term (10, 15, 20, or 30, years). Offers coverage at a much lower rate.

Permanent (Whole) Life Insurance

Covers for your whole life as you continue to pay your premiums. Premium is often much higher than other types of life insurance.

Universal Life Insurance

Promise a specific death benefit, but typically have no cash value. The Premium is less expensive than Permanent Life Insurance but, in many cases, more expensive than Term Life Insurance.

your life insurance policy is
on your terms


10, 15, 20, and 30-year


From $100,000 to $1.5 million in protection.

Who can apply?

U.S. citizens ages 20-65


Accelerated death benefit rider

How much Life insurance do you need?

We’re happy to help you figure this out. 

It’s never been easier!

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