Most frequent questions and answers
We recommend that you login directly to the  website of the insurance carrier that issues your policy. All of our Carriers offer the ability for you to check your billing status online. 
A complete list of Carrier website and Phone Numbers for Payments and Claims  are available on our website
A complete list of Carrier websites and 24/7 Claims Phone Numbers are available on our website
If your bill was sent from the insurance Carrier, please pay the carrier directly.
We recommend setting up AutoMatic Credit Card or Checking Account Bill Pay to protect your coverage. 
Our physical office is closed and no one can process a transaction. 
If your invoice was sent from Atlantic Insurors, Payments must be made via ACH to Atlantic.
  1. Send a copy of your Check (made out to Atlantic) via email to  help@atlanticinsurors.com  or by Text at (201)514-6161 and we will set up the ACH  processing for you.  
  2. All Paperwork must be processed via the Docusign electronic signature system.

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