Condo Insurance

Protect your belongings and your living conditions

Condominium insurance helps to protect you and your possessions in ways that overall Association insurance generally does not.

standard coverages

Personal Property

Personal Liability

Loss of Use

Medical Payments

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What's Typically Covered?






*Unless excluded by your policy

Water Damage*

*Unless excluded by your policy (No floods)

Condo Discounts

Multi Policy Discount

When you bundle your condo & auto policy through the same carrier

New Purchase

If you are purchasing a new condo or switching from renters to a condo policy you may be able to earn a discount.

Alarm System & Safety

If you've Installed in your home
Fire  Alarms
Bulgar Alarms
Security Systems
Smoke Alarms

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Valuables & collectibles

Provides comprehensive coverage that may not be covered by your homeowners or renter insurance policy

Personal Umbrella

Provide additional insurance when a lawsuit brought over injuries or property damage exceeds the claims on your home insurance, car insurance, boat insurance and so forth.

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